Share information

Key data
Type of instrument no-par share
Nominal capital 18,665,331.00 EUR
Nominal capital in shares 18,665,331.00
listed shares (ISIN DE000A2E3772) 7,590,391
unlisted shares (ISIN DE000A2E4L59) 11,074,940
Shareholding strukture
Heliad Equity Partners GmbH & Co. KGaA 27.19 %
TriPos GmbH 10.01 %
Grazia Beteiligungen GmbH 6.99 %
Carin Pepper-Hellstedt 6.08 %
Oliver Borrmann 5.96 %
Alessanderx S.p.A. 3.70 %
free float 40.07 %
All information (without guarantee) in accordance with the most recent notification of voting rights and own research as well as in relation to the current share capital; rounded values (as at 21.01.2019)
Frankfurt stock exchange data
ISIN DE000A2E3772
WKN A2E377
Reuters instrument code BTBB
Start of Listing 02.07.1999
Transparancy Standard Prime Standard/Regulated Market
Designated Sponsor FinTech Group Bank AG
Warsaw stock exchange data
ISIN DE000A2E3772
Code SLZ
Reuters Instrument Code BTBB
Start of Listing 16/12/2011
"Animator" (Designated Sponsor) Trigon Dom Maklerski Spółka Akcyjna