The company SAM Stil-Art-Möbel sells high-quality designer furniture through its own website and a selection of other online platforms. SAM Stil-Art-Möbel, once founded as a stationary furniture store, which is a pure e-commerce company today, has over 70 years of experience in the furniture industry. The company sells the majority of its products under its own brand SAM. The wide assortment ranges from box spring beds over tree edge tables to garden furniture. SAM Stil-Art-Möbel combines the quality, competence and advice of a specialist retailer with the cost advantages of a wholesaler and is one of the most successful e-commerce companies in the furniture segment in Germany. Read more about SAM Stil-Art-Möbel GmbH
The Matratzen Union Group companies specialise in the online marketing of select ed brands of mattresses, box-springs and slatted frames. Excellent supplier relationships and a focus on products with particularly strong demand and sales ensure high product availability in the warehouse. Read more about Matratzen Union Group
sleepz Home GmbH stands for restorative and comfortable sleep at the best prices, practical expertise and committed service as well as the latest technology. Online and offline, customers can find reliable quality products from renowned manufacturers and high-quality, in-house brands. Read more about sleepz Home GmbH
Grafenfels Manufaktur sells a collection of various types of mattresses under the Grafenfels brand. Grafenfels aims to thus measure up to the various needs and sleeping habits of its customers and to assist buyers in their decision-making process by clearly profiling each model of mattress. Read more about Grafenfels Manufaktur GmbH