About us

SLEEPZ AG is an e-commerce group focused on sleeping (e.g. beds, box spring beds, slatted frames, mattresses, bedding and sleeping accessories) as well as home & living. Our subsidiaries sleepz Home GmbH, Matratzen Union GmbH, Ecom Union GmbH and Markenschlaf GmbH operate online shops in the sleep world sector, including https://www.perfekt-schlafen.de,  https://www.markenschlaf.de/, https://www.schlafnett.de/, https://www.matratzenunion.de/ , https://www.schlafhandel.de/, https://www.onletto.de/, https://www.bettenriese.de/ or https://www.buddysleep.de/.

The mattress collection developed by Grafenfels Manufaktur GmbH under the brand "Grafenfels" is distributed through the channels of the Matratzen Union Group, sleepz Home GmbH and Cubitabo GmbH.